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Find your apartment rental in Saint Tropez harbor!

Quietly settled in your apartment at the heart of Saint-Tropez, you can enjoy to your heart’s content the proximity of the beaches, bathing at any hour of the day ... and a breathtaking view of the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea! Find your apartment rental in Saint Tropez harbor for a holiday

Our apartment rentals in Saint Tropez harbor

Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in Saint-Tropez, Var. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My home in Saint Tropez proposes also apartment for rent in the village or in residence with swimming pool.

Rent an apartment in Saint Tropez harbor for a holiday

Like many cities in the South of France, Saint-Tropez attach importance to the quality of its beaches. From the first rays of sunshine, there are always swimming enthusiasts that the temperature of the sea does not dishearten to launch into the waves. During periods of peak heat, which can be frequent during the summer, bathing becomes an essential activity that fill the whole family with joy (and freshness). In other words, sea bathing is not to be taken lightly and requires to be memorable with ideal conditions. The Tropezians, in this matter, take things very seriously. On more than 10 kilometers, the beaches of Saint-Tropez are real wonders with their particularities and their own charm. Covered with fine sand, interspersed with rocks, randomly suggesting the cutting of the littoral of divine coves sheltered by pines parasols gorged with pine nuts ... The environment of these beaches preserves the wild nature surrounding, while offering the comfort to be eaten on the spot. Holidaymakers looking for spots of idleness uncrowded can find corners of paradise by strolling along the coastal path, which makes the tour of the peninsula to the bay of Cavalaire. The most courageous can also take the path of the Belle Isnarde which, through the countryside, will lead you to the beach of Tahiti. This paradisiacal name gives you an idea of ​​the splendor of the beaches of Pampelonne. Do not worry: joining the Bouillabaisse beach, particularly appreciated by lovers of the sailing board in mistral weather, or even the shady beach of the Graniers exactly between the citadel and the rocks does not require to take his car or have to endure hours of traffic jam. The Tropéziens know it well, the most beautiful beaches are accessible on foot or by bicycle. The others are for tourists! If you want to enjoy these beautiful beaches since the rental of your house, make your choice in the selection that has reserved you My Home In.