Tourism in Saint-Tropez

Immortalized by the neo-Impressionist painters, who became legendary thanks to the Nouvelle Vague and the yé-yés, elevated today to the rank of "place to be" by the European jet-set, Saint-Tropez is more than a small fishing Port, it became a myth. The one of a village in the south of France that has been welcoming the greatest celebrities of the artistic and political world for decades, under its unfailing sunshine, with simplicity and with a form of authenticity. People go there to hide and at the same time to be seen!

In summer, the tourist crowd transforms the features of Saint-Trop 'but remain as peaceful little corners, beaches where it is good to enjoy the sea and perfect the suntan. However, the city center has a cultural heritage that it would be a pity to show no interest in that. A magnificent citadel from the 16th century shelters the Sea Museum which will delight the whole family. It is reached by a footpath that leads to the gardens of the citadel which are also worth a visit. It is true that in Saint-Tropez, people move most of the time on foot. In the South, one loves to take time, so details of everyday life reveal another flavor. 

Starting from the Jean-Réveille pier, a dyke that closes the harbor and offers an incomparable view on the outskirts of the city, you reach the famous Jean Jaurès wharf where luxurious oversized yachts dock. Just behind, one reaches the old town. If you could only be given one advice, it would be to weave in and out of  this maze of alleys populated by Provencal houses and stalls of local products. Thus, in the East, you would have every chance to come across the typical neighborhood of La Ponche. Then, at random of your strolls, the museum of the Annonciade would be there, right in front of you! How can one resist going to contemplate the masterpieces of pointillist painting? not forgetting, the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption church whose ocher and yellow belfry is visible, like a lighthouse, wherever you are in Saint-Tropez. It shelters the bust of Saint Torpes, which also has the immense privilege of appearing on one of the two coats of arms of the city. Book your next holiday in Saint Tropez!