Events in My Home In Saint-Tropez

Mid-May, the Bravades of Saint-Tropez have been held for 450 years, a sign of the Tropezians' attachment to their glorious military past and their devotion to their patron saint, Chevalier Tropes. As tradition would have it, all the inhabitants of the city wear a uniform of soldiers or sailors, and make a sound of blunderbusses or guns in honor of their patron. The processions make admiration and carry a festive atmosphere that spreads throughout the city.

The finish line of the Rallye des Princesses is in Saint-Tropez! This first female rally, from Paris, is a tribute to the old automobile of collection. At the end of May, these beautiful ladies have the mission to drive over their sublime car over 1,600 kilometers, in five stages on the most beautiful roads in France between Paris and the South. Woman at the wheel, elegance at the turn!

It's swinging at the Citadelle! Every evening in the second half of July, concerts are organized within the walls of the Citadel. On the program, French and international artists who decided to shake the walls of this majestic enclosure. Do not miss !

The first 15 days of August are devoted to classical music. The nights at the Château de la Moutte receive the most talented musicians of the moment in the centennial palm grove of the castle. Come and enjoy an evening full of poetry and harmony in a setting of former times.

From the end of September to the beginning of October, a regatta unlike any other takes place. Indeed, over a week, traditional boats (some dating from 1800) are measured to sailboats ultra-modern. The journey begins at the Portalet tower to bypass the shoal marked by the buoy of the Nioulargue (which means in Provencal 'the nest off' and return to the port. The various races are the opportunity to discover boats with exceptional paces. Numerous animations and festivities are also organized on the mainland. This is a great time to stay in Saint Tropez !