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Did you know that since hundreds of years the beautiful light that bathes the port and the citadel of Saint-Tropez has inspired many artists? Painters of course, and also writers ...What if over a single summer,  you plunge into this movie set? Book your holiday accommodation in Saint Tropez.

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Here are our holiday villas offers in Saint-Tropez, Var. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Saint-Tropez offers you also the possibility to rent a holiday apartment in Saint-Tropez or a nice villa with a swimming pool in Saint-Tropez.

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At the end of the 19th century, Maupassant sails back and forth the Mediterranean on his yacht, Le Bel-Ami. It is on this occasion that he discovers by chance a charming little fishing village, then totally unknown to the rest of the world, Saint-Tropez. He describes it in these terms: \"One of those charming and simple daughters of the sea ... pushed into the water like a shell, nourished with fish and sea air and produce sailors.\" It is enough for Paul Signac to read this description that he also make a stopover in the old port city. Considering Saint-Tropez as the eighth wonder of the world, he made the acquisition of a villa that he transformed into a workshop. Of course, Signac did not stay alone for a long time on his little piece of paradise, his fellows of Neo-Impressionism and Fauvism also wanted to take part in this pictorial revolution which is underway and to try their art under the inimitable light of the Peninsula. Thus Matisse prepared the canvas Luxe, calm and voluptuous and painted paintings as memorable as Madame Matisse in kimono, Vue de Saint-Tropez or the so poetic Place des Lices. They are both joined by Pierre Bonnard, Francis Picabia, Albert Marquet and many others. A few years later, Moses Kisling joined the city on the back of a donkey ... Artists painters are really ready for all sacrifices to illuminate their canvas of the magic tropezienne. The writers also took part in the renown of the mythical Saint-Tropez. Beginning in the 1950s, the literary circles of Saint-Germain-des-Prés liked to invest the terraces of the port and remake the world at the heart of the district of La Ponche. One could meet Juliette Gréco and Boris Vian. Colette also spent many winters in his villa La Treille Muscate. After the war that destroyed the port, she fought that the port should be rebuilt in the old way. Jean Cocteau also appreciated the Provencal sweetness of the surroundings.If you want, you can compare the house rentals with the attractive offer of rental apartments selected by My Home In.