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Find your villa rental in Saint Tropez old town!

The connoisseurs, whether local or holidaymakers who are lovers of the city, know that the true face of Saint-Tropez is not only made up of glitter. There are also authentic features in the old town ... Find your villa rental in Saint Tropez old town!

Our villa rentals in Saint Tropez old town

Here are our holiday villas offers in Saint-Tropez, Var. We select each holiday villa proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Saint-Tropez offers you also the possibility to rent a holiday apartment in Saint-Tropez or a nice villa with a swimming pool in Saint-Tropez.

Rent a villa in Saint Tropez old town for a holiday

At the heart of the pomp of the quays which exhibit yachts with excessive luxury and impressive dimensions stands a border that is materialized by the houses to the ocher frontages of the port. Once this imaginary line crosses, the walker enters a maze of calm and shady alleys. At random of his strolls, he will probably fall on the Rue du Clocher. The Tropezians agree that it is from there that the famous bell tower of the church of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption presents its most beautiful face. Its colors ocher and terre-de-sienne simply illuminate the village. When the sun sets, its rays tinge it with pink and warm shades. This landscape with memorable shades was also immortalized by Matisse in his famous work, Vue sur Saint-Tropez. More recently, this postcard was chosen for the credits of a famous television series aired in the 2000s entitled Sous le soleil. Looking at it a little closer, you will find that the bell tower has a peculiarity: it has four faces with only three clocks. A legend likes to tell that a quarrel of steeple (you can say that again) shared the inhabitants of Sainte-Maxime and the Tropéziens. The former did not possess a clock, and there was no question that they should take advantage of the hour of the Tropezians. Thus the face of the steeple facing Sainte-Maxime was deprived of clock ... Another characteristic of the church is that it should not be missed: it houses the true emblem of the city! Indeed, it would be a pity to deprive oneself of admiring the bust of Saint-Tropez in person. He embodies the holy protector of sailors. As such, it is carried through the streets every year during the Bravade procession. History tells us that Torpetius, a brilliant officer, was chosen by Emperor Nero as the steward of his palace. Converted by St. Paul, Torpetius made a solemn profession of faith at a feast organized by the emperor, which ordered his execution. But the wild beasts who were to devour him lay down at his feet. The column to which he was tied to be scourged broke and killed the executioner. Finally, Nero had him decapitated and ordered the remains of the traitor to be put in a boat with a cock and a dog, at the mouth of the Arno. Pushed by the flow, its cargo miraculously protected and spared, the boat ran aground, on May 17 of the year 68, on the shore that would later take the name of Saint-Tropez ...If you prefer to taste the delights of the old town from an apartment, check out the offer of My Home In.