The market in Saint-Tropez

More famous than the city itself, the market in Saint-Tropez is an event that should not be missed when you are there. It is a celebration that takes place exclusively during the morning every Tuesday and Saturday, and during the summer.

The market, of course, takes place on the Place des Lices, the emblematic place of the city where the inhabitants often meet there. It is on this immense shaded square to the south of the city center that shoppings are made for most of the time during the holidays, and that in good humor!

More than 120 merchants offer their products. Fishers, growers, botanists, gardeners, farmers, butchers, pork butchers, fashion designers and pastry chefs will introduce you to their world by bringing you high-quality, first-choice items. There are enough to fill your basket and why not to bring some memories to your loves ones so as  to show them that we are returning from a trip to Saint-Tropez!

The Place des Lices marks the daily market in Saint-Tropez. Let us look around the stalls of objects that we could buy when we are in the corner ... Merchants take place on the beach where the timeless actress Brigitte Bardot has deposited her imprint.

Do not be surprised if you do not find any shells and crustaceans in the area. Right next to Le Café, you will have the opportunity to acquire starfish, giant clams and seahorses. Not far from this stand, there are lots of original articles for your dogs which will be suggested to you. Give your little companion the most beautiful necklaces made of bowls designed by professional labor.

Going to the market of Saint-Tropez means also to offer the chance to be able to rub shoulders with the great celebrities of the moment. Kate Moss, Lil Wayne or Kanye West are also addicts shoppings from Saint-Tropez ... If they are in a good mood, you can always ask them for an autograph or why not a photo to complete your souvenir album!

The stars, among others, have a liking for collector’s T-shirts that pay homage to missing leading figures such as Serge Gainsbourg or Bob Marley. Still regarding the clothing, you will meet a famous "figure" at the booth that offers military outfits from several countries. The little bonus is that the saleswoman paints pretty flowers and multicolored birds there.

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