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Consisting of two basins, the port of Saint-Tropez gives its tempo to the heart of the city. Separated from the sea by the pier of the Mole Jean-Réveille, it conceals like a jewel the most beautiful yachts of this part of the globe. Choose an accommodation in Saint Tropez harbor for a holiday.

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It is from this jetty that you will also have one of the best views of Saint-Tropez, because exactly halfway between the city part and the citadel. But let us return to the seasonal inhabitants of the port! As tradition requires, these glorious boats moored the rear turned not towards the open sea but towards the quays, because the most important in this case is to make visible the luxury that presides in this floating place as well as the identity of its owners. It must be acknowledged that it can be fun, even very pleasant, to participate in this play and, for an evening, play the onlooker in search of a celebrity spying with pleasure. The contrast between this ostentatious opulence and the simplicity of the yellow and pink frontages of the traditional houses that sit on the harbor contributes to the inimitable cachet and the original charm of the city. A stone’s throw away from the incessant hustle and bustle of the port is a 16th-century chapel in which the greatest masterpieces of nineteenth-century painting have established a residence. At the Annonciade, the only museum of art in Saint-Tropez, the rooms are full of paintings that you can admire whenever you like. Most of them represent the striking beauty of the surrounding landscapes. It was the painter Paul Signac, who fell under the spell of the exceptional light of the region, who persuaded Matisse, Bonnard, Marquet and many others to come and settle in Saint-Tropez. And it is precisely facing the port and on the heights of the city that was born pointillism and Fauvism. What better tribute could be paid to the natural splendours which draw the features of the elegant town of Saint-Tropez?