Gastronomy in Saint-Tropez

Hello the greedy! Since the loves of childhood nestle in a mixture of sweet and memories, we present to you a little of something sweet  of Saint-Tropez to appreciate confidently and without any special reason ... The queens of delight that will make you regain the taste of your whole life towards a gastronomic journey of the most exceptional!

The irresistible Tropezian pie

The first gluttony that had a great success in the 1950s. It is a pastry created after the Second World War by Alexander Micka, a Polish refugee. This one supplied the film crew of the film "And God created the woman" of which Brigitte Bardot, who would have become the number one fan of the tropézienne pie. It is mainly the actress who launched the pastry at the local level so that all the inhabitants invite themselves to taste it.

Today it is the emblematic dessert of Saint-Tropez, it is a pie filled with pastry cream and vanilla cream, all sprinkled with icing sugar. You can also add an orange blossom flavor to please your sense of smell! You can say that the pie is the super star of delicacies in the south!

White nougat

The white nougat is a delicacy with a beautiful white with a tender and milky consistency at the same time. It is prepared with egg whites, honey, white sugar and almonds (hazelnuts or pistachios) to add a touch of crunchy to the confectionery. It is a priori thanks to these ingredients that you can obtain the light weight and snow of the nougat ... The rest of the preparation is kept secret between the great chiefs of Tropez ...

Among other things, the white nougat is one of the 13 favorite Christmas desserts in Saint-Tropez. However, it can be appreciated all year long in sticks or cubes, you can choose the one that you like most! Packed in paper, sachet or box, the delicacy brings this incomparable sweetness on the palate to bring happiness to the visitors passing through the city.

The olive oil brioche

Also called the "fougassette", the olive oil brioche is a flat and scalloped brioche. It is concocted with a restyled bread dough mixing eggs, sugar and olive oil. In no case can the olive oil brioche be called a pastry since it closely looks like bread or crust.

In Saint-Tropez, it was once the symbol of success. During the tasting, it was necessary to cut the brioche just like Christ broke it and especially not using a knife at the risk of being ruined the following year. The olive oil brioche can be consumed regular or with cream and jam. The most refined savor it with cooked wine.

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