The history of Saint-Tropez

How did the city of Saint-Tropez receive this name which is so mysterious and so angelic ...? The history dates back several millennia, more precisely in Rome in the year 68, when a young Christian named Tropez, a resplendent soldier with exemplary bravery under the orders of the Emperor of Rome, the intolerable Nero has not felt the slightest fear of testifying his faith in Jesus Christ.

The monarch is pitiless, especially towards Christians who did not want to "worship" the pagan gods. Tropez was converted by the great apostle Paul, and was preparing himself with enthusiasm to receive baptism.

During a cult organized by the emperor, the latter, with his strange fanciful thoughts, planned to "provoke a rain" in the temple of Diana. For this, he decided to use a watering system that nobody can suspect. When the water escaped, he exclaimed: "The Goddess always gives us so many miracles." The people were subdued by such a phenomenon.

Feeling offended by the actions of the monarch, Tropez began to bubble and said, "What do you say, Caesar? There is only one God, who built heaven and earth. " His majesty Nero replied by asking him what made him speak in this manner. The young soldier replied, "The Spirit of God".

The emperor, thinking that he has been insulted by all the people, questioned Tropez for his refusal to venerate the gods. The answer made Nero disgusted: "For they are made of earth and wood," replied the Christian. Unable to endure such an affront, Caesar Nero prayed to his brave soldier, who was also his best officer, to return to senses : "Tomorrow you will have to choose.

Tropez knew there was nothing to think about. He was baptized by the hands of a holy hermit and spent the night praying. On the day of his judgment the next day he stands in the middle of the amphitheater occupied by a large crowd. The young Christian knew the fate reserved for him, but he remained impassive in front of all this drama.

With a proud and valiant look, the soldier in Christ waits at the opening of the gates of the wild beasts without taking flight. A lion came out. Very hungry, he leaped over the young man... Tropez suddenly made a sign of the cross, and the animal fall down dead. The crowd trembles with amazement. A leopard then emerges in the arena. When the beast stood before the subject, he licked his feet. The crowd screamed.

As a result of all this, Tropez was beheaded. His body was then placed in a boat with a cock and a dog, which are supposed to devour him. The small boat was then discovered by the villagers of the port. To their great amazement, the cock and the dog were placed on each side of the boat: one on the stern and the other one on the rudder. Looks like they were on the look - out, protecting the body of the deceased.

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