The famous movies shot in Saint-Tropez

The Police Officers 

This humorous masterpiece by Jean Girault tells the story of a field Marshall, the police officer Cruhot, who decided to leave his Provençal district in order to rejoin his new post in Saint-Tropez. He took his lovely single daughter with him to his new home, who quickly made friends, but who never ceases getting in trouble. The lead role of the full - length feature film is held by the famous Louis de Funès who has not stopped adding his grain of salt to bring this little touch of humor that is so familiar.

Some of the places where history took place have become a must in Saint-Tropez, following the example of the Tahiti beach, which served as a setting for capturing the scene of nudist hunting. Every year, Place des Lices welcomes thousands of visitors who are curious to discover the place where Warrant Officer Ludovic Cruchot (Louis de Funès) learned to dance. The chapel of Saint-Anne overlooking the city of Saint-Tropez where the marriage of Ludovic and Josepha took place.

The Riviera city owes its fame, in a way, thanks to the realization of this film which demonstrates a Saint-Tropez with its one of a kind great beauty!

And God ...made the woman

Juliette, the woman with character and her captivating curves that make all heads spin, is a young orphan with an insolent attitude that is nevertheless desired by many men. This 60's film by Roger Vadim was a worldwide success with the talented and pulpy actress Brigitte Bardot.

The director had the brilliant idea to focus his masterpiece in Saint-Tropez and its surroundings. This small piece of world was at that time only a modest traditional port encircled by a luxuriant nature almost wild. However, this did not prevent Vadim from capturing sublime colors to highlight the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and harmonize the latter with the splendor of the actress.

Le Transporteur 

The Franco-American filmmaker Louis Leterrier released in 2002 his first work of action movie "Le Transporteur" known worldwide. With the illustrious Jason Statham as heron, Frank Martin, the story tells about the life of a former special services agent who offers driver services for risky deliveries. He obeys only 3 simple rules: he does not ask questions, he does not open the package and he makes sure not to break the first two rules to avoid trouble ... death. The scenes shot in the house of Frank were realized in Saint-Tropez, where one sees a beautiful turquoise sea on the horizon ...

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