The geography of Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is located on the south-eastern coast of the Var on the peninsula of Saint Tropez which ends on the golf of the same name. The city is inscribed in a billhook all around the bay of Canebiers, on the conglomeration of the peninsula which is merged into a kind of rectangle making 6 km by 4.

The town of Saint Tropez has an area of ​​1200 ha. The whole of the spaces is almost occupied by private heritages built on vast grounds. This characteristic gives it a proportionally protected and maintained environmental aspect. Nevertheless, you can see some masonry buildings around the old village of Saint Tropez.

The municipality is among the territory Gulf of Saint Tropez and is integrated by the general council of the Var. Possessing about 13 km of coastline, the city has 6 beaches, to the west to the limit with the beach of Gassin. The great treasure of the Bouillabaisse, located in the old village is one of the beautiful jewels that the city possesses.

The territory of Saint Tropez is not served by any other important road. The disconnection of the former national 98 from the illustrious crossroads of La Foux consists in ensuring a link of the village and the south side of the peninsula by the departmental circuit 93 also called the "route des Plages". The latter draws the boundary between Saint Tropez and the Gassin to the west.

The Saint Tropez peninsula is part of the Maures massif, geographically and geologically, which is a small mountain range in the south of France and extending from Hyères to Frejus. The city is standing against a low hill. Its situation is highly excellent which preserves it from the violent winds and other major bad weather. This explains its mechanically large and massive nature.

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