Holiday in Saint Tropez

Sénéquier, an institution in Saint-Tropez

The Sénéquier is the famous institution in Saint-Tropez located near the port of the city. It is undoubtedly the most frequented brewery and the most appreciated by the greatest number of visitors. Its immense terrace with a beautiful bright red intentionally attracts the eyes ... You will able to see this place by far and you will be probably interested to lazy around it!Its dominant color (red) adds a little bonus which is more attractive and beautifully decorates the surroundings of the port of Saint-Tropez. It is arranged in a methodical way so that everyone can spend pleasant moments...

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Escalet and the Cap Tayat

Escalet is a wonderful beach located between Cap Camarat and Cape Taillat. Amateurs yachtsman often find it hard to spot. To reach the sea, you will have to take the path leading to the avenue of Casabianca. Then you have to go to the avenue Escudier to land at the paid parking (4 euros a day). You are there!A pure treasure of nature, the beach L'Escalet is pleasantly divine by the sight, but also to the touch. Its clear and translucent water heats up at noon, especially in summer, where the sun remains on its best position at the zenith. It also offers magnificent gray and polished rocks...

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The Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez

The Place des Lices is one of the most emblematic places in Saint-Tropez. It is characterized by the presence of the hundred-year-old plane trees which gives this small picturesque and shady side that you will surely love so much! Every day, parties of pétanques compete in the good mood between players of Tropez and sometimes, some well - known celebrities who are hiding under caps or large sunglasses ... Open your eyes!After a walk, you might wanna have a drink! The Place des Lices is decorated with pretty terraces that will make you feel welcome to sip a refreshment and appreciate the...

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