Where to have party night in Saint-Tropez?

Since the holidays means also to allow yourself some pleasant trips in the evening, the peninsula of Saint-Tropez is a customized destination for night owls who are looking for thrills. Do not rack your brain anymore to find the hip place so as to meet your friends over a single evening! We made it easy for you ... Read on!

If, in the afternoon, you meet for a dance at the Nikki beach, bring a new plan and leave for the Nioulargo beach for the evening. There, a festive atmosphere is waiting for you! The place is pleasantly posh and lively. Animations are organized by the beach all night long, so you can have fun until dawn. You can also swim in a sea that reflects the multicolored lights of the projections.

As for the hotel, Byblos Square is made for all tastes. It is one of the biggest luxury boutiques in Saint-Tropez that hosts every night the famous Caves du Roy, a prestigious nightclub known for its spirited animations. Be inspired with awe by the bright, flashy flames thrown into the room. Every year, every summer season, many visitors from all over the world appreciate to pop over to this trendy establishment.

Le Sénéquier is the best café in the village, easily recognizable thanks to the red color that dominates the place. Vibrate at the pace of the ambient music that adds a little more pleasure to your evening. This is the spot for a romantic couple or between singles who will certainly make a great meeting!

For a brand new ambience, we suggest the Opéra, which is a place that can welcome all your family to appreciate a good dinner. It is a refined establishment that targets a well-to-do, well-off clientele. Think of planning a budget that is important enough to offer pure moments of fullness in the middle of a luxury and chic setting where you can have fun until 3 am.

Finally, the youngest ones can lag behind the VIP Room which is the most lively corner to make the most of a dynamic evening and to sip champagne galore! Every summer, many wealthy people offer more than 900,000 euros in bottle competitions on jet-setters' tables ... See how the Tropéziens have fun with celebrities who do not miss a single evening to appear in this club which is the most popular of the peninsula!

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